The first step in the process is to complete the vehicle search form or contact our office directly to set up a one-on-one appointment.

Next, one of our sales consultants will discuss with you the exact specifications of your next vehicle. Afterwards, your sales consultant will provide you with an approximate wholesale price quote based on the previous week's national wholesale results. This price quote will also include any of our finder fees (excluding tax and license fees).

At Wholesale Auto Service, we encourage that you are proactive in recognizing the savings that you are to receive by utilizing our services. Therefore, we also suggest that our customers conduct their own market research so that they are confident in their purchase.

Once you are confident of the savings you will receive by utilizing our services, you will be required to be pre-approved for any necessary financing (please provide a pre-approval letter) and you will be required to leave a deposit (deposits may vary and are based on the purchase price) for the wholesaler to purchase your vehicle at the next available sale.

Finally, arrangements will be made for pick-up or delivery of the vehicle once the vehicle has been purchased and any other remaining funds have been deposited for the remainder of the purchase price.

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